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Juan Grey

On Finding Your Pvrpose



Episode Summery:

Juan Gray is the CEO of Purpose, a platform that connects humanity through a series of interactive games, immersive events, and engaging workshops. He began his entrepreneur journey at the tender age of 13, going on to create multiple businesses over the last 15 years and learning many lessons along the way. When Juan was going through a difficult shift in his own life he began asking himself questions and listening to his intuition for answers.  Those answers lead him to create the Pvrpose card game which is design to put the player into the present moment, allowing them to forge deeper a connection with their inner self and other human beings around them. On the podcast Juan uses the card game on Inna and Ingrid to deepen the conversation and unexpected lessons and realizations things come up for the group.



Takeaways from the episode:

-ther Pvrpose game is based on questions: questions lead to answer and answers lead to clarity and clarity lead to finding your life’s purpose


- world is more disconnected than ever before. Connection through technology is rising rapidly.

While we can feel more connected through technology, we are also more disconnected socially and lonelier than ever


-Our cell phone can be a tool for us to use to create and it can be tool to help us connect, but it also is a tool of distraction, of mass distraction


-high percentage of that time we spend on the phone is to distract ourselves activities


-you are being distracted on purpose it’s not your fault, it’s done by design as mind control and advertising to you to consume things you don’t need


-playing the Pvrpose game allows you to get to know another human being quickly and deeply, leading to the formation of a strong friendship and even a spiritual soul connection


-a conversation brought on with the help of Pvrpose card game allows the players to look past the physical and deep into the soul of another human being


-a conversation puts you straight in the moment and makes you face the “unknown” as you don’t know what card or what question will pop up and how you will answer it


-every time you play the Pvrpose game it is a completely new and different experience which nudges you to face the present moment


-great question has life changing potential. Ask the right questions, and the answer you need can reveal itself


-Every single busines venture you are sparked to start teaches you something about yourself. it either works and there is good money made, or it can just be a really good lesson


-you learn  from people and doing business with them because a lot of business is all about connections and also partnership


-how to choose a partner and how to grow with a partner is one of the most important things you'll ever learn in life


-the future of business, is community and the way to build and foster community is by giving people the ability to create, giving people the ability to express and giving people the ability to voice


-self sabotage is a real thing and you need to really reflect on why you are sabotaging yourself


-be ready to work hard to achieve your goals, but also simplify everything and connect to flow and to clarity


- be pulled by the purpose of your business because the company mission brings built in excitement that makes the journey worth living


-give your first product and don't wait until things are perfect.  Perfect doesn't exist.


-there's perfection within all the flaws and people love to see mistakes because they can relate to them


-you can have an accountability partner in business, health, fitness and nutrition areas of life


-the most important accountability partner you have is you



How the Pvrpose card game works:


-you can play this game on your own or with two to eight people


-you can use the game to deepen your connections with other human beings, forge strong friendships, and an intimate partnership, or you can connect to something deep within yourself to find your purpose in life


- every time you play the game on your own the questions that come up for you are there to guide you on your journey


-use the game to tap into unlimited amount of reflection, your creativity and calls to action 


-a simple conversation inspired by the game can lead to a shift in perspective or it can connect you to how you feel about your life in the present moment


-use the game to identify and improve your level of joy, your sense of purpose, how much you are yearning for connection


-use the game as a way to anchor to the present, to connect to others and to acknowledge how you feel


-use the game as an opportunity to put the phone away, listen deeply to answers and be present to give spontaneous answers


-the game includes a mirror card, confession card and a wild card adding an extra layer of depth, uncertainly and fun to the experience


-while you are traveling you can use your phone and app to access the Pvrpose database of tens of thousands of questions


-the game comes translated in 10 languages and can be used to learn a new language



Tips on how to align with your deeper life’s purpose:


-remember finding your purpose is a journey


-find clarity in your life by asking yourself the right questions that lead you to figuring out your purpose on this planet and in this life


-focus on one thing that means a lot and set a goal from the heart


-keep life and goals super simple


-journal daily as a way of creating a conversation on paper with yourself and to become self-aware


-self-awareness fuels your actions and allows you to start setting goals from the heart which fuels your action and propels you to success


-be mindful of where you put your attention. Whatever we put our attention on expands


-start being aware of how you are affected by what you see on social media so you can control what you allow access to your attention and how you react to it


-look past what you see and hear for deeper meaning


-when you start seeing an advertisement or any media push or anything trying to get your attention, don't look at it for fact, but ask yourself, what are they trying to tell me and what is it making me feel?


-when hardship arises in your life start take the time and opportunity to ask yourself questions and allow space to welcome the answers that arise from deep within you. The impulse is to push the hardship away, numb ourselves or run from it.


-ask yourself if you are connected to yourself, to others around you, to your community, to the world, to the earth


-welcome intimacy and vulnerability


-get comfortable with uncertainty and trust everything will work out


-look at your personal needs and see how the journey to fulfil that need can then lead you to have an impact on the people around you


-have multiple accountability partners in important areas of your life so you can help keep each other on track and reach those milestones. Reminding each other where are you are going, going deeper on certain subjects, exploring new angles that you haven't thought of in a while





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