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EP5: Show Notes

In Episode 5 Ingrid and Inna tap into the rich work of mythologist Joseph Campbell to introduce you to the idea that you are the hero of your own life and you are on a personal journey. That journey comes with a “call to action” that forces you to leave the old world behind, go an adventure filled with trials and tribulations and eventually culminate in you winning. The win comes in the form of wisdom and growth as a human being. What call are you not heeding? What patterns are you reliving as you avoid completing the journey? Listen to Episode 5 as we inspire to go for it!

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Take away from the episode:

  • Where is fear there you will find your call to action.

  • The journey is never a straight and clear path.

  • If you don’t heed your “call to action” you will feel unfulfilled in life.

  • Your excuses are a way of you not heeding the call to action.

  • Your gut knows if you are not completing a journey because you will be presented with the same journey/issues in life over and over again until you face it.

  • A thought brings up an emotion – as the word implies emotions they are meant to travel through you.

  • You cannot deny or block emotions, let them happen, witness them without judgement and they will dissipate. If you stuff emotions down they will come out in other more damaging ways.

  • Ask yourself where your feelings are coming from? It might be that you have been hurt for so long you have blocked off all your ability to feel emotions. Every person handles overwhelming feelings from childhood differently.  

  • Stuffed down feelings accumulate and eventually manifests as physical pain and illness. Your body will tell you where you are holding these emotions by manifesting as pain. Allow strong feelings to go in a safe and gentle way. The safest way is by expressing them is gently through art, breath work and to talk to a qualified professional.

  • Find your voice through poetry, song, dance, theatre text. If you have been told to shut up all your life, and you are scared to speak up, start out by finding your voice through written word; short stories, poetry, songs.


What "calls to action" can look like:


  • Fear of trying something that will make you feel like a fool and make you look like a fool in the eyes of others

  • Fear of letting go of old damaging friendships and relationships

  • Fear to discover your new identity after a tragic loss of a loved one

  • Fear of leaving an abusive, unfulfilling job or relationship

  • Fear of saying yes to love

  • Fear of saying “no”

  • Fear of letting go of material comfort in pursuit of an adventure

  • Fear of reaching out to someone important who can make your dreams become a reality and sharing your idea with them


Stages of a "Hero's Journey":

  • Old world/status quo/restless

  • Call to action/call to adventure – an outsider arrives in your life and calls you to go on an adventure

  • Devine help/supernatural help

  • Crossing the threshold

  • Road of trials

  • Approach

  • Ordeal/near death experience and the abyss – you are tested and have to pass a trial to continue

  • Reward

  • Magic flight

  • Return – flees pursued by the enemy

  • Resurrection – back to where you started, but now capable, confident and ready to take on the thing you were afraid to take on

  • Resolution

Rituals that foster courage to go on the journey:

  • Discover your true self. Ask yourself “Where am I at right now?” “Is this where I wanted to be in life?” Are you living your bliss? What is limiting you? What is standing in your way? What expectations were set on you? What expectations are you setting on yourself? Are you willing to let go of these expectations?

  • Build a strong foundation by working on endurance, drive, strength and confidence. This will make you comfortable in your own skin and courageously living your truth.

  • Face your old patterns and demons. Observe to see if you are repeating patterns. In life do you find yourself facing the same issues and challenges over and over again? It might be with different people, but it’s the same situation. It’s a sign there is journey there you are not completing.

  • The outside will clearly reflect everything going on inside of you. What are you feeling? Get in touch with your feelings, they are sign post. How do you take care of your hurt feelings? How do you handle overwhelming feelings? Your body will tell you where you are holding strong emotions. Learn to live with your feelings without judging them or denying them.

  • Be gentle and kind to yourself. Self-care and self-love are important. It’s okay to mess up. Fix it and move on.

  • Let feelings go in a safe and gentle way by finding your voice. Start by writing short stories, poetry, songs.

  • Do a deep scene analysis of your life and character analysis on yourself. What dramas are coming up for you consistently? What steps can you take to steer your life in a new, exciting direction? 

As two women who are on a mission to live the most creative life we find the following list of books and movies inspiring and empowering. Start your journey to harnessing your creative powers by embracing these amazing resources.




The Power of Myth Bill Moyers interviews Joseph Campbell

Transforming Depression: Healing the Soul Through Creativity by David H. Rosen


Finding Joe Documentary Film on YouTube

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