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EP8: Show Notes

In previous episodes we talked about being intimate with yourself; really getting to know deep down how you operate and what your values and passions are in life. In episode 8 we touch upon business relationships and the idea of co-creating and collaborating with another human being. When you partner up with someone to create a business or build a life with your success hinges as much on the content and the goals as the people you team up with. As film and fashion industry vets we have come together to create content with multiple sets of people over the years and have witnesses how different personalities can create in harmony with epic results or chaos.

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Take away from the episode:

  • First assess if you even need a business partner. You might be able to do it alone and collaborate or hire out a job instead of sharing a profit with someone who is adding very little value to your company.

  • Make your list of dream qualities in a business partner. Assess what qualities your partner needs to have to add to the growth and success of your business. Usually they complement and add to your skill set.

  • Do not rush! Vet and interview. Is your potential partner bringing baggage to the relationship from previous failed business partnerships? How and why did their previous relationship fall apart? It might not be them. They have just been a poor judge of character. But their history will tell you a lot.

  • Make sure you and your business partner have similar values and goals.

  • Make sure your business partner has a good work ethic and delivers, not just talks and has you doing all the work all by yourself.

  • Start with a small project and see how you work together, noticing if you are each putting in your 100%.

  • Everyone has a different work ethic. Seek out a partner with a good work ethic, but also look at yourself and ask yourself if you have the willingness and desire to put in your 100% towards the shared vision.

  • You can spot a good partner from a mile away. Those are the ones that have a solid track record.

  • Check your ego. Are you operating from a sense of self-motivation or a place of being a team? A big ego can derail a project.

  • Shared projects take work and consistent attention. Are you scheduling work sessions together? If you are not, you are stopping the flow of attention on a project and it causes it to wilt and die.


Mark of a successful business relationship:

  1. You are able to fight and disagree well. Be on the lookout for your first fight and strong opposing opinions and see how you two resolve the issue. A good partner won’t disappear on you in an emotionally charged episode. They will calmly, actively and reasonably seek out to find a creative solution.

  2. You are both putting in 100% toward a similar goal.

  3. If you see something needs doing, something needs fixing, You both do it. You both desire to fix it. It is absolutely key that you both desire to make the relationship work.

As two women who are on a mission to live the most creative life we find the following books inspiring and empowering. Start your journey to harnessing your creative powers by embracing these amazing resources.




"The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change" by Stephen R. Covey

“Wired for Love: How Understanding your Partner’s Brain and Attachment Style Can Help you Defuse Conflicts and Build a Secure Relationship” by Stan Tatkin, PsyD

“Wired for Dating: How Understanding Neurobiology and Attachment Style Can Help You Find Your Ideal Mate” by Stan Tatkin, PsyD

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