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EP2: Show Notes

My name is Alexa Young

In our second episode we remind our listeners about the importance of creativity for social connection and intimacy, with oneself and others. We talk about how a good creative outlet allows you connect to your emotions and deal with overwhelming feelings. A creative pursuit activates parts of ourselve’s that may need developing. We introduce you to the idea of “human superpowers” that are within and part of all of you. They superpowers are often overlooked and might not be what you think, at all. Give the episode a listen and discover for yourself!

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Take away from the episode:

  • Take away from the episode:

  • Our external situation is a reflection of what is going on inside of us.

  • Our superpower is our humanity, the fact that we have a body and the gift of experiencing life.

  • We can use creativity to evolve and grow as a human being.

  • It’s okay to make mistakes. What matters most is we learn and grow from our mistakes.

  • Love yourself, love the journey and the progress.

  • Opposing opinions lead to conflict. Step back and observe the emotions the conflict brings up.

  • Use your emotions to propel change. Use anger for good, like standing up for your rights. Anger can be manipulated and elevated with awareness into passion, fuel & fire.


Steps to growing your creative superpowers: 


  1. Connect to your senses and your body. Your body is your temple. Take time to meditate, stay active and eat healthy.

  2. Creativity is linked to sensuality and sexuality. Observe your life. Are you living a sensual life? How is your sex life? Are you intimate with yourself and others? Not necessarily physically. Are you vulnerable and able to open up and be honest.

  3. Any negative thoughts that are blocking your creativity are also blocking your ability to be vulnerable and open yourself up to others.  

  4. Over our lifetime we can get hurt by other unconscious human beings so we can start to protect ourselves and hide from the world.

  5. We carry a lot of trauma in our bodies and it gets trapped in our bodies. We hold on to our emotions as a form of self-protection.

  6. Connect to your root and sacral chakras, the physical points on your body for creative expression, through therapy, breath work and chakra healing.

  7. Figure out which of your senses is most “tickled” in life. Are you a visual person? Do you most respond to sound, smell or taste?

  8. Figure out what your morals and values are. Seek to experience life by following your senses and aligning with your morals and values.

  9. What are your thoughts around sex? Question what you were taught. It’s a powerful energy that over centuries has been feared, judged, abused, manipulated and shunned. Connecting to our sexual energy and expressing it physically within a healthy, loving relationship is beneficial and joyful as opposed to letting that energy get out of control and run your life.


Rituals that foster your superpowers:

  • Create a manta. Say it to yourself every day. Multiple time a day and believe it.

  • Create a "superhero persona", which will eventually be your brand. Embody it.

  • Build confidence. Stop focusing on what other people think about you. Their opinion is non of your business. Focus on you.

  • Watch your negative thoughts.

  • Sacral and root chakra healing through yoga and breathwork can help you grow as a human being and connect to your hidden emotions.


As two women who are on a mission to live a creative life we find the following list of books, classes and people incredibly inspiring and empowering. Start your journey to harnessing your creative powers by embracing these amazing resources.



The Secrets to Becoming a Boss Bitch with a Heart of Gold by Ingrid J. Monday

The Road Less Traveled: A New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values, and Spiritual Growth by M. Scott Peck, M.D.

The Alchemy of Inner Work: A Guide for Turning Illness and Suffering Into True Health and Well Being by Lorie Eve Dechar

The Seven Secrets to Healthy, Happy Relationships by Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. and Heatherash Amara

Feeling Seen: Reconnecting in a Disconnected World by Jody Carrington, PhD

The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk

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