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“Say Hello to Our Incredible Hosts"

Inna Korobkina embarked on her professional journey as a model and actress, gracing the camera with her presence while collaborating with renowned fashion brands like MAC Cosmetics and Alfred Sung. Her striking features even landed her a spot on the cover of the esteemed LA Times Magazine. As fate would have it, she had the honor of working with such legendary filmmakers as Zack Snyder (Dawn of the Dead) and Michael Bay (Transformers).

To hone her skills and deepen her understanding of the craft, Inna pursued studies in Fashion Communications at Toronto Metropolitan University and Theatre at York University. She further enhanced her artistic abilities by training at Circle in the Square in New York. With this diverse educational background, Inna possesses the versatility to embody a wide range of characters on screen.

Her acting career has seen her inhabit various roles, from a scarred and pregnant Russian immigrant turned flesh-eating zombie in Zack Snyder's Dawn of the Dead (2004), to a tenacious bodyguard in Michael Bay's Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Inna has also portrayed a playful exotic dancer in the popular Canadian series "The Border," as well as Steven Seagal's wife in Driven to Kill (2009). Notably, she brought the Russian version of "11" to life in the "Stranger Things" X "Far Cry 6" video game crossover mission. Inna's extensive experience and training allow her to seamlessly transition from one character to the next. Throughout her journey, she has been fortunate to collaborate with esteemed talents, including Academy Award Winners Sarah Polley, Anjelica Huston and Tony Goldwyn, as well as acting alongside notable figures such as Ving Rhames, Jake Webber and Ty Burrell, among many others.

As Inna maneuvered through the worlds of fashion and acting, she discovered a significant connection between characters and their wardrobes. Her experience in front of the camera provided her with valuable insights into creating successful images, as well as fostering strong relationships cultivated over her 30 years in the fashion and entertainment industries.

Inna is also the owner and Artistic Director of Jewel Branding Studios—an image consulting company. Inna is dedicated to empowering other women to shine through the power of fashion.

Beyond her involvement with Jewel Branding, Inna co-hosts "Rise Up & Fix It," a podcast that delves into women's empowerment, offering groundbreaking and essential insights on how the act of creation can lead to a more joyful and fulfilling life.

Ingrid J. Monday, popularly known as "Miz Monday" is a highly dedicated creative professional and dynamic content creator, leveraging her diverse skill set, rich experiences, and unwavering dedication to continuously push the boundaries of her craft.


After her successful life as an Elite Model, she transitioned into the world of photography, film direction, and production, where she has gained extensive expertise. Ingrid's remarkable talent has resulted in the production and direction of four captivating documentaries that were broadcasted on the CBC documentary channel.


Throughout her career, Ingrid has had the privilege of photographing a plethora of exceptional musicians, actors, and models, establishing herself as a prominent figure in the industry. She has closely collaborated with renowned personalities such as Vanilla Ice, Kit Harrington, Leslie Feist, Mickey Rourke, Bella Thorne, and Annie Murphy. In addition to her photography ventures, Ingrid also showcases her directorial skills by creating captivating commercials and music videos, particularly within the vibrant Canadian music scene.


Not one to be confined to a single medium, Ingrid even explored her acting abilities and starred in her very own television series, titled "BandFoto," which aired for 13 episodes on BITE TV. Her multifaceted background has granted her invaluable life experiences, making her an exceptional asset both in the development room and on set.


Ingrid's accomplishments don't end with her remarkable career in the visual and audio realms. She is also a published author, having written a compelling book titled "The Secrets of a Boss Bitch with a Heart of Gold." In this empowering and insightful book, Ingrid shares her wisdom, experiences, and valuable life lessons, offering guidance and inspiration to readers aspiring to navigate the professional world with confidence and compassion. "The Secrets of a Boss Bitch with a Heart of Gold" reflects Ingrid's unique perspective and her ability to blend ambition and success with kindness and authenticity. Through her words, she encourages individuals to embrace their inner strength, overcome challenges, and create a positive impact in both their personal and professional lives. Ingrid's book has garnered praise from readers worldwide, establishing her as not just a talented content creator, but also as an influential voice in the realm of personal development and empowerment. With her exceptional storytelling skills and genuine desire to uplift others, Ingrid continues to inspire and motivate individuals to unleash their full potential and live their best lives.

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