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EP4: Show Notes

In Episode 4 Inna & Ingrid challenge you to consider how badly you want to achieve your big dream. You would have to want it badly because there will are going to be guaranteed setbacks and difficulties along the way.  We propose that setbacks are not a negative thing at all. They are there to slow us down, teach us important lessons, about life and ourselves, and make us savor that moment when we finally reach our desired goal. Ingrid talks about her years working as a model in Milan, while Inna shares her construction school experience and the surprising direction her life took after studying the skill trades.

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Take away from the episode:

  • Challenges and setback are feedback, which you can use to create a new plan of action.

  • Challenges make you stop and reevaluate what you have been doing and then recalibrate the direction you are going in.

  • What looks like a sidetrack is there to inspire you to go on a new path, which can end up being a shortcut to your destination.

  • Setbacks could be hurtful comments and negative feedback from others.

  • Internal setbacks are just as tricky and damaging as external ones.

  • Life is the greatest of teachers. It will push you around until you love yourself enough to set clear boundaries.  Boundaries include asking for what you are worth and expecting to be treated with respect. If you don’t, you walk away and find a place where your skills and time are valued.


Steps to navigating setbacks


  1. Allow negative feedback to challenge you, not destroy you.

  2. Don’t look at the limitation and worry about how long it will take to reach your dream.

  3. Don’t get sidetracked by other people’s opinions or judgements.

  4. Use your hunger and passion to just go for it.

  5. Stay curious.

  6. Be honest and intimate with yourself. Who am I’m? What do I truly love to do? Figure out how to do that as a job and make good money.

  7. Money is important when you have a setback. It helps you when things spiral out of your control.

  8. Learn to navigate your negative thoughts. Figure out what is causing them and fix it. Is it your programming that was created through your upbringing? Accept it, heal and move on with the help of a qualified therapist*. Is it something external like the people you are spending time with? You are the sum of the people you hang out with most. Look at the people who you surround yourself with.  What effect are they having on you? Is it positive and nurturing or is it negative, draining, and destructive? (*If you can’t afford a therapist see list of helpful list of resources below)


Rituals that foster your confidance:

  • Save money for tomorrow.

  • Learn how to Invest wisely and consistently.

  • Take a course on business and accounting.

  • Learn how to run a business.

  • Figure out what knowledge you are lacking and partner up with someone who fills in the gaps of your knowledge.

  • Stay away from energy vampires and create a nurturing environment for yourself to thrive in.

  • Be compassionate and kind with yourself first and then, only then, can you extend kindness out into the world.

  • If you see a consistent type of person or event appearing in your life, making you relive the same pain fueled episodes and drama over and over again, there is a lesson there that has not been learned. A boundary that has not been clearly set by you. Be gentle and kind with yourself when it comes to setting boundaries. If you weren’t allowed to set them as a child, or your boundaries where often crossed, it will be a fearful experience when you start setting them. 


As two women who are on a mission to live a creative life we find the following list of books and people incredibly inspiring and empowering. Enrich your creative journey and strengthen your ability to navigate setbacks easily by embracing these amazing resources.

Sometimes setbacks are self-induced and stem from an unstable childhood.  On her instagram page the Compassionate Somatic Teacher @maria.y.t beautifully outlines how to heal past trauma.



Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents: How to Heal from Distant, Rejecting, or Self-Involved Parents by Lindsey C. Gibson

Loving What Is by Byron Katie

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