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Rise Up and Fix It is a women’s empowerment podcast hosted by film and fashion industry veterans Ingrid J. Monday and Inna Korobkina. Ingrid & Inna are using their combined skillsets, which they have refined for over two decades, to create a platform for positive female role models to share their stories.


Every guest on the show, in their own unique way, inspire the listener to “Rise up to the challenges life presents you with, live a creative existence filled with deep human connection and fulfilling contribution to society”.

Part of empowering women is the ability to make them feel seen, beautiful, & heard.


Inna & Ingrid are thrilled to share that part of this initiative includes Miz Monday Productions & Jewel Branding Studios uniting their creative visions, skills, & experience to custom create for you images filled with story, personality, & power.  

Become one of our proud sponsors! Let us creatively craft a message for your brand and share it with our listeners.   We can utilize our skills as filmmakers and performers to helps you create an enticing message that yields results. Let us create an engaging campaign for you that benefits both you and our loyal listeners. 
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