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Defining the
Creative Process

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“Every moment can call for creativity.”

In our first-ever recorded conversation we sit down to talk about a topic that is dear to our hearts: creativity. While the definition of this word is multi-faceted, we both agree being creative is part of the human journey and imperative to our growth. Creativity helps us experience joy and bring joy to the world.


Being creative is not just for painters, musicians and actors. We tend to automatically put a label on the word “creativity,” making it unattainable or otherworldly. But we propose that everyone needs and wants to be creative. From our experience, creativity can only be expressed and experienced in the moment, and when it is, it brings you and those around you many benefits. 


Living a creative conscious life is scary because it’s new and different, and you face a lot of “unknown.” We recommend facing the fear of the unknown square on and courageously. We had to do this and continue to do it, and we find it exhilarating.


Tapping into
Your Superpowers

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"Your superpower is your humanity."

In our second episode we remind our listeners about the importance of creativity for social connection and intimacy, with oneself and others. We talk about how a good creative outlet allows you connect to your emotions and deal with overwhelming feelings. A creative pursuit activates parts of ourselve’s that may need developing. We introduce you to the idea of “human superpowers” that are within and part of all of you. They superpowers are often overlooked and might not be what you think, at all. Give the episode a listen and discover for yourself!

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The Art of 

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"The observer affects the creation process."

In episode 3 Ingrid and Inna introduce you to some effective ways you can start attracting things you really want into your life. It may seem like magic, but it’s actually science.

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"No one can stop you but yourself."

In Episode 4 Inna & Ingrid challenge you to consider how badly you want to achieve your big dream. You would have to want it badly because there will are going to be guaranteed setbacks and difficulties along the way.  We propose that setbacks are not a negative thing at all. They are there to slow us down, teach us important lessons, about life and ourselves, and make us savor that moment when we finally reach our desired goal. Ingrid talks about her years working as a model in Milan, while Inna shares her construction school experience and the surprising direction her life took after studying the skill trades.

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The Hero's 

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"Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls." Joseph Campbell

In Episode 5 Ingrid and Inna tap into the rich work of mythologist Joseph Campbell to introduce you to the idea that you are the hero of your own life and you are on a personal journey. That journey comes with a “call to action” that forces you to leave the old world behind, go an adventure filled with trials and tribulations and eventually culminate in you winning. The win comes in the form of wisdom and growth as a human being. What call are you not heeding? What patterns are you reliving as you avoid completing the journey? Listen to Episode 5 as we inspire to go for it!

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Where Ideas
Come From

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"Necessity is the mother of all invention."

Ingrid and Inna muse over the question of where ideas come from.  The girls propose that “Necessity is the mother of all invention.” But they argue you have to be creative to invent something worthwhile that makes a difference. But beware of where your motivation to create is coming from as your ego can steer you in the wrong direction, sabotaging your efforts and creating more damage then good.

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Your Relationship
with Money

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"Bargain your life for security you bargain away your bliss." Joseph Campbell

In our episode on Money we tackle the common misconception that life as an artist is guaranteed to come with financial struggle. We suggest that this does not have to be the case. Money is important, but not everything. It’s an energy and a tool to learn to manage. While a lot of decisions in life are based on money it should not be the deciding factor when it comes to living a creative life filled with joy and freedom. The most important things to ask yourself when it comes to generating income as an artist is "What does abundance mean to me? What experiences make me feel like I live a life filled with abundance?"

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Business Relationships

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"Behind every successful woman is a tribe

of other successful women who have her back."

In episode 8 we touch upon business relationships and the idea of co-creating and collaborating with another human being. When you partner up with someone to create a business, or build a life with, your success hinges as much on the content and the goals as the people you team up with. As film and fashion industry vets we have come together to create content with multiple sets of people over the years and have witnesses how different personalities can create in harmony with epic results or chaos.

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"Your sexiest body part is your mind." 


Women and men have their own strengths and weaknesses. We are “yin” and “yan” and when we come together in a productive partnership, we can effortlessly manifest a beautiful life together.  In the episode on Love Ingrid and Inna go over all the relationship mistakes they and a lot of their close girlfriends have made over the years. Give the episode a listen and if you are single use the knowledge to find yourself a wonderful partner you can build a joyful life with. And if you are struggling in your current relationship, the episode can enlighten you as to “why” that might be the case and how you might be able to bring back the love.

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"The hardest battle of every war is the last battle."

In the last episode of Season 1 Ingrid and Inna jump in front of the camera and discuss the idea of finishing what you start. Finishing what you started and closing a deal can be one of the hardest things you ever do. The statistic out there is only 0.01% of us actually finish what we start. Sometimes we stop going after our dreams because we fear all the things that come on the other side of taking that leap and exposing ourselves; the unknown. Sabotage and resistance to success are a form of doubt and dragging your past into your future. Detach from your past, commit to your dreams and commit to your message.

On a personal note: We don’t know how this podcast will be received. Will our ideas and message be misunderstood and judged? It’s a fitting way for us to end this season!

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